Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Twitter For Sweet Dreams, Princess!

Hey everyone! ^__^
I finally made a twitter for my shop!
Everyone always says social networking really helps get your shop out I've slowly been trying to set them all up! I started with this blog and now I finally got off my lazy bum and made a twitter! HA! Next maybe I'll do a Pinterest..I still unsure if I want a Facebook.. I don't even have a facebook! (Shocking I know!!) I don't see what the big deal with facebook is..We'll see I guess!

Does anyone else use social networking sites to help promote their Etsy shop? Does it actually work?? lol

Here's my twitter:



  1. I use Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook, but I'm only really active on Twitter & Pinterest.

    I'm not a fan of Facebook, but they (who the heck are "they" anyway) that it's a great way to promote your shop. I've yet to see it, but I'm also not very active on it.

    There are just too many things to do! I need a crew - One for this social media, one for that social media. How does everyone do it?

  2. I know! It's alot to keep up with! I don't see how people do it. I have been glued to the computer screen since yesterday (I didn't go to sleep til 8am ha!) but I can't do this every day I've got a real job lol Hopefully if I keep active and stick with it it will pay off. Ive noticed that I've already gotten a ton more views and direct traffic since I signed up for Twitter. Now let's see if it brings sales..!!

  3. Networking is great but totally time consuming for sure. Don't let the machine take over your life! lol

  4. Ah it IS time consuming! I always said I wouldn't get into the social networking thing just because I know people who have them and their lives totally revolve around it! But I figures i would do a few things, but only for the good of my shop! We'll see, thanks for the warning!

  5. Hi Mesha
    Just to let you know ...
    I have just received your lovely prize (the turban) which I won by taking part in vegan bbq on Corrinne's blog. Thank you very much, it is very trendy and I love it. It arrived safely and as my husband pointed out the design on it matches one of my older aprons I use in my kitchen so I am doubly pleased.
    Thank you very much again. Greatly appreciated.
    Have a lovely day.
    Michaela xx