Sunday, April 29, 2012

Check Out My New Shop!

Hey everyone! I know I'm terrible about posting, I've just been so busy!
Me and my twin sister have been working on a new shop! And now it's FINALLY up and running! It's called Dandy Nomad and we are so excited about it! (Click on the name to view). This shop is special to us because it's more of a reflection of our personal style. My shop Sweet Dreams, Princess is more of girlie shop. It's full of Lolita cuteness ^__^ .
Dandy Nomad has more of a boho/indie feel to it.
I hope you'll stop by and take a look, show your support :) Thanks!
Here's the link incase you missed it:

Cya! ^__^

PS: Can you tell which one is me? Hehe


  1. *doh!* XD ....I totally put the wrong link! I meant to put the link to my new shop Dandy Nomad! Silly it is!

  2. awesome idea. i was wandering around etsy and saw how much girls are spending on boho/indie style stuff its really a great decision for you. pretty much anything you make will sell. i really like these dream catcher necklaces i keep seeing. you should make something like that they are selling like hot cakes and when girls take old rock shirts and fringe the bottom and add beads, they are selling like crazy too. and jean shorts with studs on them. I'm just shooting you ideas, i was thinking of starting a sister site too but i just don't have the time or money. i have run my etsy into the ground within 3 weeks. i hope to get things going again but i don't have access to my supplies so i can only sell what i have made already and i keep turning down custom orders.

    P.s. my boyfriend is a twin also and i think its so cool. me and my sister are 11 months apart but we were always dressed as twins even though she has always been 6 inches taller than me and we look nothing alike. but my boyfriend and his brother were identical until a few years ago. now my boyfriend is tall and meaty and his brother is slender and short haha. but they dress alike without noticing it haha.

  3. Yea this shop Is definitely gonna be more trendy than my other one... Those are all good ideas I was actually thinking about added studded shorts and more fringe tees! I loove dream catchers! I've made some vegan feathers earrings but I haven't been able to add them because my computer is broken :( so I haven't been able to add new items to either shop or make new posts on my blog.. Sucks!
    Haha ur bf is a twin? That's awesome! Me and my sisters style are kinda different.. Every once and a while we'll get ready and meet up only to find we both chose to wear the same vest or hat or something though lol

  4. I think you're the one with the glasses? Am I right?! :)

    The new shop looks great!!

    Come join my contest!


  5. Haha! You are pretty good! I am the one with the glasses!! I'm going to check out your contest now!! :)

  6. Congratulations on you new shop! It's always exciting to start a new adventure & your shop is groovy :)


    PS - I have JEWELRY GIVEAWAYS on my blog right now - WIN handmade jewelry from wonderful artists!

  7. Thanks! I finally got my computer fixed so I'll adding a ton of new stuff today! Yay! And cool I'll check it out!!!