Friday, April 13, 2012

I Love Your Funny Face

 I may regret posting this, I'm not sure yet. Haha Everyone takes pictures of themselves, including me. Whether its for fun or for my Etsy shop. And I don't know about you, but I have to take probably 50 pictures just to produce a hand full of some that I actually like! I was taking pics for some new items in my shop, and let me tell you..I had some interesting results! I got a kick out of them and maybe you will to! Here's some of the reject pics! Check 'em out!


This one kind of reminds me of school picture day lol The camera guy was usually a weirdo who gave you like 20 different things to do at once.. "Ok put your hand here, lean to the right a little, tilt your chin down, aaand smile!!" So you kind of end up with this weird surprised, forced, "how's this??" kinda face, HA! 

 This one's not so bad I guess..I just don't know what the heck I'm doing with my arm!! lol Sometimes I wonder about myself lol

 Uuuuuh...let's try to keep our eyes open, shall we?? -__-

 Hahaha I have no idea what I was doing right there...some kind of yawn wink thing..maybe.. :O

"Maybe if I close my eyes, these ridiculous pictures will go away..Oh what did you say?.. They're still here?..Dang."

Oook! That's that! I gonna go hide under my blanket for the next three days.. While I'm under there, check out the pics that I chose to use in my shop here:    Cya! ^__^


  1. i love them they are awesome. don't ever delete them. you will look back when you are older and really appreciate them.
    i wanted to be a photographer back in the day. i took photography for 7 years and won all kinds of contests and it was easy for me to tell people how to pose and what to do. but now when i try to take pics of myself i get all shy and feel dumb. half the pictures i have one eye closed. i wish i had a friend who was pretty like you to use as a model. but i just have my awkward self.

  2. Wow that's awesome, I wish I had those kind of skills lol I know a few people who are into photography and I've always been jealous of them! Haha Yeah I've always felt weird taking pics of myself..I'm like do I smile?? What the heck do I do here?! And what are you talkin' about?! You're fricking gorgeous girl!! ^__^ I'm the awkward one lol :D

  3. these are fun shots! :) you're lucky you can be your own model! i'm sure, it's really not 50 like you said?! probably only like 5-10?

    keep up the good work!

  4. Haha ook maybe 50 is a slight exaggeration lol more than 5-10!!! ;D Im in the process of finding some other models for my shop, just so I can have some variety! Ive got 3 sisters and some friends Im thinking of asking!! ^__^