Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today's Style: Boho Fringe

It's past 4 in the morning! Ah! I should be sleeping right now, but...I'm not! lol I'm wide awake..and for some reason all I can think about doing is posting what outfit I wore today (well..yesterday I guess). I know my Etsy shop and my blog are all about Lolita and Hime and Fairy Kei, etc..but right now, as far as what I'm wearing, I've been obsessed with a kind of boho/hippie kind of style. I like to throw in a few girlie pieces here and there to keep it pretty, such as a bow or some lace. Anywho..here's my latest outfit!! I don't like to spend a bunch of money on clothes,but I do love buying new things! Tell me watcha think ^__^

 My two fave tops so far. I decided to wear them together. I was never fond of wearing sleeveless shirts by themselves..I dunno why, just never felt comfortable I guess. Don't as me how this thin layer of lace makes me feel any better..but it does!! Haha I got the fringe tank from Ross for like $10 and the lace tee from Rue21 for $15.
 Dark skinny jean leggings, Bullhead brand .(I dunno why they called these jean leggings..I never really understood that term, they are basically just extra tight, extra stretchy jeans) lol :P Got them from Pacsun. They were originally $40 but somehow I got them for $17. Yaaay!
 Open toe wedge boots. My new fave shoes..just got them last week. They were $15 at Payless. I love that store :)
 Lace Turban. My twin sister made this pretty turban ^__^ I've been wearing it all week!

^__^ Cya!


  1. i love it! it looks like an outfit you would see in anthropology or something.

  2. Hey thanks! That means alot! I didnt know what that was lol I had to google it!! They have some awesome stuff..they are so fricking expensive though! Theres no way I could afford it haha